Elizabeth Goddard – The Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Elizabeth Goddard – The Lazy Guide To Affiliate Marketing
Elizabeth Goddard – The Lazy Guide To Affiliate Marketing

Elizabeth Goddard – The Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing

The course that teaches you how to add a noticeable bump to your bank account each month without resorting to any slimy marketing tactics or adding tons of extra work to your busy schedule.



What You Get:


  • Immediate access to all 4 modules of the course
  • 2 checklists and 8 mini-challenges to get you taking action and landing commission ASAP



Module 1: Affiliate Marketing 101


Ring the school bell, because you’re ready to learn what affiliate marketing can do for your business! We’ll discuss what affiliate marketing is, why it’s an excellent additional income source, and the different types of affiliate programs available. Most importantly, we’ll go over how to make sure your affiliate marketing efforts never come across as gross or spammy.



Module 2: Getting Started


Time to set yourself up for lazy success. Here you’ll decide which affiliate programs to sign up for, get clear on the legalities of sharing affiliate links, and discover my favourite lazy tools to make this whole thing easier and more profitable.



Module 3: Easy Affiliate Marketing Strategies


The juicy part! Here you’ll learn 9 (yes, 9!) super simple strategies to start receiving those sweet, sweet PayPal notifications from affiliate commissions. They all require minimal effort to set up and will repeatedly generate sales from your links, set-it-and-forget-it style.



Module 4: Getting (a tiny bit) More Organized


You’re ready to graduate and participate in bigger affiliate launches (I’m looking at you, Digital Course Academy and B-School). This module covers simple things you can implement to stand out from all the other affiliates and secure your spot on the leader board.



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