Perry Belcher – Email Stacking Formula


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Perry Belcher – Email Stacking Formula

How I Increased My Email Revenue By 500% in 60 Days By Adding This

One Easy To Implement Trick  – Without Sending More Emails, Generating More Leads OR Hiring Expensive Email Agencies

Finally, Learn The OddBall Email Stacking System That Turned My Cold Dead Email List Into a $100k/Month Net Profit 

Center In Less Than 60 Days

Billion Dollar Marketer Perry Belcher Teaches How He Uses The “Workhorse” of Online Marketing to Squeeze 300% More Revenue Out of Every Email Contact For Himself and His Clients

Fellow Marketers, 
Did you check your email this morning?
Almost every single adult in the US does…
On the other end of those emails is someone who writes it, sets it up and deploys it for CASH…
They likely charge hundreds, if not thousands a month to do it, and for multiple clients…
That person could be you…
Imagine sitting down at your computer for just a few hours a day and taking home a paycheck of 4 or 5 figures every single month…
Imagine being able to work from absolutely anywhere that you have a wifi signal, even the beach or on a cruise…
Now, imagine learning a foundational skill that goes beyond platforms, tools or hacks that will be just as relevant in 10 years as it is today…
Imagine still KNOWING that you will have this power to command cash from clients for the rest of your life (now that’s called security)
If you give me just a few hours of your time, I’ll show you a skill that is the secret behind the easiest cash flow business to start and run in 2022 and beyond…
I’ll show you why this is a skill that no business owner can live without and why that means BIG BUCKS ON REPEAT for you – if you choose to hear me out.
Hi, My name is Perry Belcher and I’m the co-founder of Digital Marketer.
My offers are responsible for close to $1,000,000,000 (That’s a BILLION) in the sales of goods and services online…
I Have To Admit Something to You…
While I’ve run dozens of different businesses in dozens of different business models…
I’ve learned ONE very valuable lesson in all of these businesses and it’s this… the PROFIT is in the follow-up and nothing works like email… but not just ordinary email.
I call it email stacking which I’ll explain shortly…
Hear me out for a minute first though.
The World of Email Marketing Has Been Changing and Even the Best Marketers Are Drowning Trying to Catch Up
The tips, tricks and hacks that worked in days gone by are now as useless as tits on a bull.
Tech changes, data security updates and ever changing compliance rules have taken away every advantage you had when it came to experience.
The best email marketers I know are relearning the game too.
If that’s you too, you aren’t alone…
That creates a BIG opportunity (in case you’ve been looking for one)…
I’m getting to that.
Look, Google says that nowadays the average customer waits to buy until after the 6th exposure to an offer, however…
The “Average” Marketer Usually QUITS After One Or Two Attempts!
That’s okay though…
This just PRIMES their customers for marketers like me 🙂
What’s worse, the poor souls who DO try get crushed by bad deliverability, watered down open rates and skinny clicks.
…All because they are committing SINS in their email marketing that they don’t even know about.
Not me though 🙂
My emails get delivered, opened, read and get clicked at 3-5X industry standards… and I can show you how to do that for yourself (and for your clients too)
But first, I want you to know that…
No Advertising Mechanism ROI’s More Than Email
Email is an absolute necessity for businesses looking to kick ass and make money in 2022…
The saying “the money is in the list” has NEVER been more true…
Now, For The Slow Learners,
The 4 Pillars Of Email Marketing Are:
Step One: Getting Your Email Delivered
If you haven’t figured it out by now, this is way deeper than hitting send on your email campaign.
This is about making sure your emails end up in the priority inbox and SEEN…
And trust me, the solution is a lot more complicated than your grandpa’s whitelisting campaign.
There are people out there whose entire JOB is to find ways to block your email from getting delivered…
And even if it does get delivered, it’s likely going to end up in the promotions tab or even worse – SPAM or JUNK…
We can fix that together though, don’t worry 🙂
Now, the next step is no picnic either.
Step Two: Getting Your Email Opened
You need your prospects to open your dang email, or you’ve already wasted the effort from step one.
This is a lot trickier than it sounds.
You have just milliseconds to capture your prospects attention or you are dead in the water.
Good luck stealing the attention away from those “single moms in your area” emails 🙂
Those suckers are good email marketers.
Once you’ve conquered step one and step two…you’re faced with an entirely NEW challenge…
I bet you’re starting to see why most people just give up.
Step Three: Getting Your Email Read
Now, you’ve got your email sitting pretty in the priority inbox, and you’ve somehow managed to get them to click on your email…
They are almost to your call to action…
Then BAM.
They hit the back button and you’ve lost them for all of eternity…
Not really, but you’ve lost money that was right there at your fingertips…
Stings a little right?
Let’s work on that 🙂
Step Four: Getting Your Email Clicked
Let’s say you’ve gotten your email in the inbox, they’ve clicked on your email…
And by some miracle they’ve actually read it.
What’s next?
They have to click the damn thing.
This is where SO MANY marketers get mixed up…
It’s the point of no return.
Make or break
Game 7 of the finals…
If they don’t click – you got nothin’ bud.
Maybe you can email them again later with another crack at it…but that’s a big maybe.
Chances are, the prospect actually wanted or even NEEDED what you had, but you just didn’t tell them or make it easy to take the next step.
Simple as that.

What You Get:

  • The critical “ONE SCREEN method” of getting your opt-ins back over 60% even with bad copy.
  • The “Sneaky Little Image” trick that you can make on the push that DOUBLES CTR on any email.
  • The Gauntlet “Pre-Launch” Strategy that 5X’ed an OLD knife promotion for us in re-launch.
  • The “Bleeding Lead” strategy that increases open rates one even boring mails by 200-300% (Used by Fox and CNN daily).
  • How to “Statically Automate” auto responders in every form of occasions that you use so that your business is truly running on autopilot.
  • Discover how to embed “Trigger Point Data” in all your landing pages, emails, bot conversations, retargeting sequences, SMS and push notifications that act like little homing devices to being a continual flood of buyers right to your door.
  • How to use “Pre-Suasion Emogis” with VERY specific intent to condition the reader to buy even BEFORE they open your email. Robert Cialdini PERSONALLY taught me this over a lunch in Newport (Brilliant).
  • The Perfect “Communication Stitching” system to fire a different message through a different barrel every day that still supports one message and one action…
  • Bonus One: Virtual Event Access
  • Bonus Two: Laminated Email Mastery Cheat Sheets
  • Bonus Three: Email Re-Engagement Template
  • Bonus Four: Email Inboxing Checklist
  • Bonus Five: Email Opens Checklist
  • Bonus Six: Maximum Clicks Checklist
  • Bonus Seven: Email Formatting Checklist
  • Bonus Eight: Email Time and Day Map

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