Measurement Marketing Academy

Measurement Marketing Academy

Measurement Marketing Academy

Your Site Has Traffic, BUT…
Do You Know What’s Working and What’s Not?

Get Exactly What You Need to Unlock the Power of Measurement Strategy, Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, and Storylytics™ reports to Know What’s Working, What’s Not, and What Actions You Should Take Next to Supercharge Your Marketing and Multiply Your Profits!!

3 Reasons Why Most Of Us Struggle To Effectively Use Measurement In Our Business (And How To Fix It)

Struggle #1: No Clear Measurement Plan

You rarely hear advice about “How to create a Measurement Marketing Plan.” 

Yet without it, you are flailing around in the dark, hoping you generate a profit.

If you’ve ever checked your analytics and shook your head in dejected confusion…

… you need a plan.

If you just winced a little because you don’t even have an analytics platform set up…

…yeah, you need a plan, too!

Struggle #2: Chaotic Reports 

Without marketing reports, it’s impossible to know the state of your business.

Unfortunately, most marketing reports are a random collection of tables, graphs, charts, and numbers.

Let’s face it, they take too long to decipher anyway, even if you can figure out what they mean.

In today’s world, most of us are drowning in data anyway.

You don’t need MORE confusing reports…  You NEED Storylytics™ reports!

With Storlytics reporting, you’ll have reports that tell a story and lead to natural actions.

(No more wondering what to do with all that data!)

Struggle #3: Random Acts of Marketing

The term “Random Acts of Marketing” was made famous by Dan Kennedy.

So what are these random acts of marketing? 

When it comes to marketing campaigns that aren’t working, most marketers start brainstorming all kinds of ideas…

Maybe you get a fantastic marketing idea from a mastermind…

Or you read a blog post about how this or that tactic is the next big thing (Tik Tok anyone?).

Your marketing becomes scattered and disconnected.

It becomes an exercise in ‘throw it at the wall and see what sticks’ marketing.

In other words… RANDOM.

Without measurement, you’ll become a victim of these “Random Acts of Marketing.” 

They may even seem to run your business at times!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an analytics “guru” or a “numbers person” to get marketing measurement to work for you…

You don’t have to pour over charts, graphs and spreadsheets for hours every day…

The Measurement Marketing Academy is built for marketers and businesses like you who want to avoid these struggles…

And leverage the power of measurement to get more ROI from your marketing efforts

When you put the right measurement strategy in place, you can positively impact what matters most to your business… the bottom line!

Introducing the…

Measurement Marketing Academy

How To Set Up, Unlock, and Implement Powerful Cutting-Edge
Measurement Marketing Strategies Into Your Business

Get Access to 20+ Measurement Marketing Courses…

Develop your measurement skills with step-by-step courses, designed to get you into ACTION faster.

The Academy features 20+ courses on strategy and tools including: Google Analytics 4, Tag manager, Looker Studio…

And courses on Tag Manager Server-Side, BigQuery, and more!

You can even get a customized training roadmap from instructors, so you know exactly what courses to take to achieve your goals.

As an Academy member you can join new courses and updates LIVE so you can interact with instructors during the training.

Course Bundle

Get Immediate Access the following courses and more…

Measurement strategy Courses

Google Analytics (UA/ GA4) Courses

Google Tag Manager Courses

Dashboard & Reporting Courses

Measurement Skills Courses

Specialty Courses

What you’ll discover in the Google Analytics courses:

  • How to set up a clean and reliable Google Analytics account (Including Google Analytics 4 account setup)
  • Tie your traffic to results so you know your users and their actions
  • Leverage Ecommerce reports to keep revenue on track
  • Customize Google Analytics accounts to show the exact information you need (and block out junk traffic)

Supercharge Your Measurement and Marketing Results with Google Tag Manager

What you’ll discover in the Google Tag Manager courses:

  • Supercharge your Google Analytics account (Google Analytics 4 included) with a proper Google Tag Manager set up
  • Go beyond the basics with custom features, templates, and 3rd party tools
  • Discover how to free yourself (and clients) from the limits of traditional retargeting
  • Take your Tag Manager skills to the next level with JavaScript and Regex

Create Dashboards & Reports to Guide You Towards Actionable Insights and Fast Action

What you’ll discover in the Dashboards & Reports courses:

  • Plan and build your first customized dashboards that give you answers, instead of information
  • Turn your dashboards and reports into engaging, easy to understand, and useful tools for your marketing strategy
  • Discover how to turn your reports into your “Funnel Storytellers” (regardless of what funnel builder you use)
  • Know how to spot when Good Numbers Go Bad and how to know if you can trust the numbers you see


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