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Jenna Kutcher – The Podcast Lab + The Content Lab

Jenna Kutcher – The Podcast Lab + The Content Lab

Introducing Your   A-Z Podcasting Roadmap Complete

Get my proven, 5-step stress-busting system and process to plan, create, launch, promote, scale, and monetize your podcast in just 30 Days.

I was a maaaajor podcasting skeptic… And it was because I was a podcast-listening-FAN.

Simply put: I felt like I could in nooo way compare to what was coming out of my iphone speakers every single week. How could I ever have words that people wanted to listen to?

Then my heart cracked wiiiide open when I was proven wrong. Over and over and over again. 

So, if you’re a skeptic either about the podcasting world or about YOU having space in it, I’m here to tell ya it’s time and I’m here to help ya!

Podcasting absolutely changed my life and now, I’m giving you all the tools so that you can start your own podcast and change yours, too!


I was in the shower with my iPhone balanced in a cup to try and amplify the sound. I was listening to a podcast — yes, while taking a shower — and I realized that I felt like I knew the host.

It hit me: podcasting gives you the ability to extend yourself in a way that isn’t possible with just photos and captions and 15 second snippets into your life.

I dried off my arm, snagged my phone from the cup, voice texted my assistant and said, “you’re going to think I’m crazy, but…I think I’m going to start a podcast“…

And now, it’s one of my absolute *favorite* creative endeavors of my life.

Now, here I am, a podcast pro, because turns out — I LOVE podcasting. Who saw THAT coming?!

Before you picture a recording studio or a production team, I feel like I have to tell you this: I still record my podcast in a closet — and this isn’t a fancy closet with soundproofing, it’s a closet filled with boxes from our college days, puffy coats and keepsakes.

I host a Forbes top-ratediTunes chart-topping business podcast from my sweet little closet (that kinda needs some Marie Kondo love!)

Podcasting has changed my life, my business, my income, and my ability to impact the world… and there were a million reasons why I wasn’t ready or why it wouldn’t work! But it did.

Seriously… visualize this with me for a sec.

Getting your hands on the exact tools to know how to create your own podcast? We’re talking all the nitty gritty things that are holding you back.

Having step-by-step tutorials on all the scary tech so that you can get your show online with more confidence and less confusion?

Seeing my exact guide to launching your show, the process I use to share my show on social, and how to get people hitting “play?”

Learning about how you can approach monetizing your podcast with a plan… I’ll share what I would do differently if I were to start over today.


MODULE ONE: Planning Your Podcast

Inside of module one, you will learn how to create and plan your podcast. Maybe you already have an idea brewing or maybe you have no clue where to even start but you dream of having your own show.

Module one will take the guesswork out of planning your podcast.

Inside of this module I will walk you through:
– Picking a name, topic, category and description
– Creating podcast assets like your photo and intro
– Equipment recommendations and what I use
– Episode planning, format + how to prepare to record

MODULE TWO: Recording Your Podcast

Inside of module two, I’ll walk you through how to actually record your podcast and the different formats of podcasting you can choose from!

I’ll share my exact process and explain the differences of solo shows and interviews, as well as sharing how we create our show notes and more.

Inside of this module I will walk you through:
– Recording your podcast
– Tips for editing your podcast
– Recording solo shows vs. interviews
– Naming your episodes and how to use keywords
– Our guide to show notes

MODULE THREE: Publishing Your Episode

Get ready to feel confident with the industry specific terms and tech so you can officially hit publish. This module walks through the all important topics of hosts and RSS feeds, directories and aggregators, as well as an overview of four recommended hosting platforms.

Plus, we’ll lock down the key details needed to get setup with your host (no matter which one you choose) and of course, getting your show out to the masses with Apple Podcasts and beyond. To cap it off, you’ll learn all of our podcast trailer best practices.

Inside of this module I will walk you through:
– Learn the Lingo
– Choose Your Hosting Platform
– Setup Your Hosting Platform
– Submitting to Apple Podcasts & Other Directories
– Podcast Trailer Best Practices

MODULE FOUR: Launching Your Podcast

Module four is all about launching your show. I’ll show you my exact plan on how-to launch your show out into the world and include tips to gain early traction, how to get people to subscribe, and the ways you can leverage audiences among the platforms to get your first downloads.

Oh, and if you’ve already launched a show, I’ll show you how to use social media to grow it!

Inside of this module I will walk you through:
– How to make sure your podcast launch is successful
– Ways to prepare and promote your show
– Strategies to gain listeners
– Tips for getting more subscribers who tune in
– How to leverage social media for launch and beyond

MODULE FIVE: Monetizing Your Podcast

Money, money, money, monnnneeeyyy – yeah, I’m talking about it. I wanted to devote an entire module to what it looks like to monetize a podcast.

I’ll walk you through four different ways you can monetize, the methods I’ve tried, what I would do if I were to start all over again, and I share the behind-the-scenes secrets about sponsors and how they work.

Inside of this module I will walk you through: 
– How to monetize your show from the start
– Creative ways to drive profits through podcasting
– Exactly what I would do if I were to start today
– What sponsorships really look like and how to know when you’re ready

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