Ian Stanley – Confessions Of A Persuasion Hitman Audio-Book

Ian Stanley – Confessions Of A Persuasion Hitman Audio-Book

Ian Stanley – Confessions Of A Persuasion Hitman Audio-Book

Here’s what you’re gonna learn in this book:

Introduction: How the Persuasion Hitman Was Born.
Rule #2: Do everything in your power to get the highest Average Order Value possible on every purchase – My Second Sale: The World’s Most Profitable Lemonade Stand.
Rule #3: Time and money are not related – My Third Sale: How I Got Paid $50 an Hour to Watch TV When I Was 12 Years Old.
Rule #4: If the price you’re charging doesn’t make you a little uncomfortable, you’re not charging enough – A Short Story to Prove Time and Money Are Not Related, $5k in 30 Seconds.
Rule #5: You’re Always Selling a Feeling – How to use the 8 Core Emotions to get People to Cry and Buy.
Rule #6: Do the Math – How I Became the Top Salesman in the Office in Just 2 Weeks.
Rule #7: Learn how to combine short term cash flow with long-term recurring (or at least predictable) revenue – The Secret to Turning One Sale into Countless Sales.
Rule #8: The ***** line of any sales message is the most important – The One Sentence That Can Make or Break Any Sales Message.
Rule #9: Use the language your prospects use – My Not-So-Secret Sales Weapon.
Rule #10: Identify your “***** moment.” – How to use Unpredictability to Create Predictable Sales.
Rule #11: Sell Them What They ****. Give Them What They **** – Two Sentences to Live or Die By as a Salesperson.
Rule #12: Tell the stories that ***** you the most – The Most Profitable Story You’ll Ever Tell.
Rule #13: *You have to read the book to see this rule*
Conclusion: Recap of the Rules and a Final Mission.
Epilogue: What’s next?

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